[15 Sep 2018]

“We wish to bring to your attention our concerns about Israeli wines, many of them produced in the Occupied Territories, which are being sold in our publicly owned BC Liquor Stores…The wines in question are either from the Galil Winery, which is a joint venture with the Golan Heights Winery (the name of which speaks for itself), or from the occupied West Bank, including the illegal Gush Etzion settlement bloc around Jerusalem. Two wines of particular note are the Efrat Judean Hills Kosher and Vision Malbec, both produced by the Israeli Teperberg Winery…We do not wish to be made complicit in these violations of international law.”
Response to David Eby’s brief reply and refusal to meet with representatives.

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[24 Aug 2019]

This is the presentation given by Bruce Katz at the CISO (Centre International de Solidarité Ouvrière) at the Symposium on Palestinian Self-Determination held in Montreal from November 29th to December 1st, 2018. Translated from the original French.
CISO Symposium on Palestinian Self-Determination

‘On the false notion of anti-Semitism’
Bruce Katz
Palestinian and Jewish Unity
My presentation is divided into three parts: first, a brief overview of the dialectic formed by Zionism and anti-Semitism, because far from being opposing forces, the two have traveled together since the beginning of Zionism. European anti-Semitism, sometimes institutionalized, underpins the …

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[8 Mar 2019]

This forum looks at Said’s legacy in the context of the ongoing dispossession of the Palestinian people.
Moderator: Joanne Naiman
Main Speaker: David Barsamian
Panelists: Hanna Kawas, Adel Iskandar, Sana Janjua

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[4 Nov 2018]
Update: Open Letter to Ballet BC Board of Directors

There is no inclusion for most indigenous Palestinians, who cannot even visit their homeland, let alone return to live there.

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[22 Oct 2018]
Thousands call on Ballet BC to Not Perform in Israel

The petition has now garnered over 4200 signatures, with a clear call to Ballet BC to not be complicit in helping Israel cover up its war crimes.

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[17 Oct 2018]
BC Attorney General Stonewalls on Israeli Wines in BC Liquor Stores

Supporting these violations is complicity in them.