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[18 Nov 2000 | Comments Off on Do Not Fail the Palestinian People | ]

An appeal from the Canada Palestine Association to all members of the Arab and Moslem communities
Since we distributed our position paper on Nov. 14, 2000 to the Arab and Moslem organizations, all we have received from these groups is silence or a whole range of excuses. For example, why we should not support the NDP because they are not “ an effective voice.” Why we should give the Liberals another chance, and see how they behave after the elections. Why we should vote for individual candidates who “support our causes” …

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[14 Nov 2000 | Comments Off on Position Paper on Canadian Elections 2000 | ]

We, in the Canada Palestine Association, call on all Palestinian and Arab-Canadians, Moslem and Arab Christian-Canadians, and all our supporters, to cast a vote for justice for the Palestinian people by voting for the New Democratic Party (NDP) in the next federal election. The NDP is the only party that is supporting the legitimate rights of the Palestinian people. At the same time we will be casting a protest vote against the Liberal and Alliance Parties, who are unconditionally supporting Israeli occupation and aggression against …

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[1 Nov 2000 | Comments Off on US Arabs and Moslems Shoot Themselves in the Heart | ]

By Hanna Kawas. A response to Arab and Moslem organizations in the U.S. who called for a block vote for George W. Bush during the last U.S. elections. Reply to cprr-news: Make Your Voice Heard in U.S. Elections! (see below)
We are outraged at your “analysis” and implied support for George Bush. The U.S. Republican platform is not any different from the Democrats in their unequivocal support for Israeli aggression and expansion (see ADC Election Update). For example, the Republican platform states on Jerusalem: “The United States has a moral and …