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[20 Mar 2003 | Comments Off on “Dr. Mate reveals a rare courage”, letter to the Editor of the Westender | ]

By Gary Keenan. The following letter was published in Vancouver’s Westender, in the March 20-26, 2003 issue in response to┬áReply to “‘Urban Legend in his own mind only,” a letter from Dr. Moishe Golubchuk (Mar. 13-19, 2003).
Other than revealing his ignorance, Dr. Moishe Golubchuk’s ad hominem attack against Dr. Gabor Mate’ (who appeared as an Urban Legend in the Feb. 20-26 issue) accomplishes nothing.
Dr. Mate is to be admired and respected. As a truly righteous Jew, he has the courage and moral integrity to damn the consequences and vigorously speak …