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CBC serves the interests of the Mubarak dictatorship?‏

3 February 2011 4241 Views

By Hanna Kawas

The report today by Mark Kelley on CBC Newsworld (http://www.cbc.ca/video/#/News/1221258968/ID=1779295850) was misleading and serves the interests of the Mubarak dictatorship. No foreign journalist was threatened until yesterday when the “Mubarak thugs”, as CNN report Ben Wedeman called them, took to the streets and started attacking people. Even foreign governments, including our own, managed to grasp that it is Mubarak supporters who are trying to shut down the foreign media. But not Mark Kelley, who simply takes the word of a translator to form his analysis, and cannot tell if his attackers are the anti-regime protestors (who never attacked journalists in this manner for the last week) or Mubarak supporters. Perhaps its time we stopped parachuting in reporters who are woefully ignorant of the situation they are covering, do not speak the language (as does Ben Wedeman) and are prone to taking whatever official version is given to them.

Mark Kelley is not connecting, he might be already suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), please bring him back immediately for his own sanity and safety and so he doesn’t embarrass Canadians any further with his uninformed reporting on a very pivotal moment in Arab history.

Hanna Kawas
Co-Host, Voice of Palestine
Voice of the Palestinian people
Voice of the Arab people

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