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Picket the Jewish National Fund, Vancouver, Canada

20 May 2012 1469 Views

On May 31, 2012, the Jewish National Fund JNF Pacific Region will be holding an evening to support their 2012 project – the “Arava Peace Route”. Similar to the mockery that is Canada Park, the JNF is publicly claiming to be enhancing the environment and supporting a “peace route”, while ethnically cleansing the Palestinian Bedouins from the same Negev region where their “peace route” will “enhance access to and from farmers fields .. (and) will improve security”. The Bedouin village of Al Araqib in the Negev has been destroyed 37 times by Israeli and JNF paramilitary forces, but the Palestinians of the village refuse to surrender, many of them returning time and time again to rebuild (more info at Stop the JNF Campaign).
The JNF uses language like “pioneering” and “security” and “100% Israel” in its publicity for the event. And equally fitting is the guest speaker that JNF Pacific Region is highlighting for the evening:- Dennis Prager from the U.S., who is a close associate of Christian Zionist leader John Hagee and his organization, Christians United for Israel.
Canada Palestine Association is calling on all our supporters to join us and add their voices in telling the JNF that green-washing apartheid is no longer acceptable.
Gather across the street from Schara Tzedeck Synagogue, 3476 Oak St., Vancouver at 6:30 pm on May 31, 2012.

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In a recent interview, Dennis Prager (from the U.S.) seems to feel we need his input on our democratic rights here in B.C. to picket this JNF event. He also describes Israel as “one of the most humane, open and civilized countries on earth”, the same Israel that commits war crimes and ethnic cleansing.
See the article “Dedicated lobbyist for Israel” in the local Zionist paper the “Jewish Independent”:
Prager has a simple message for those JNF critics who may picket his Vancouver talk, as they have previous JNF and other Israel-related events: ‘You live in a free country, so If you are peaceful, welcome,’ he offered. ‘Having said that, I regard those who protest against Israel or the JNF and other supporters of Israel – one of the most humane, open and civilized countries on earth – as having broken moral compasses. The world is filled [with] barbarism, and they protest against Israel!’.
Watch You Tube video for the event

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