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17 November 2012 1274 Views

2 PM – Sunday November 18 2012
Vancouver Art Gallery (Robson Side)
Hornby and Robson St – Vancouver
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See: Video for the Rally and another Video
Israel’s attack on Gaza continues as Israeli officials continue to threaten a “ground invasion,” while the Canadian government expresses its utmost support for the ongoing Israeli assault on Gaza, which has so far killed over 30 Palestinians. Dozens of bombing raids continue daily.

In Vancouver and hundreds of cities around the world, voices have risen in the streets in solidarity with Gaza and the Palestinian people under Israeli fire.
The transnational Palestinian Youth Movement has called upon people around the world to come back to the streets on SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 18. Join us on the Robson Side of the Vancouver Art Gallery at 2 PM on Sunday. As Israel threatens to “escalate,” our resistance and solidarity must escalate!

See video of the Vancouver Thursday night march and read report at the Media Co-Op.

Call from PYM:

In an effort to amplify our outrage against Operation Pillar of Defense and support the people of Gaza, the Palestinian Youth Movement (PYM) urges all members and allies to demonstrate, protest, and hold sit-ins in as many cities as possible on SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 18th. Let the world hear our indignation to end this brutal invasion! .

We urge all people of conscience from around the world to take to the streets and protest against this heinous offensive being launched by the imperialist Zionist state against the people of Gaza. We implore you to stand up and resist this reprehensible act of aggression against our people. Do not let one more Palestinian life be lost.

Stand with our people in Gaza as they heroically sacrifice their lives and remain at the forefront of our struggle for liberation, return, and justice. We must continue to amplify our voices in praise and support, for their unwavering and steadfast resistance against this vile Zionist attack that indiscriminately annihilates Palestinians.

It is the time to harness the revolutionary power that has kept our resistance alive, despite our darkest moments, and that now lives in the hearts of our Arab brothers and sisters fighting for dignity. Their struggle is not isolated from nor has ever forgotten the Palestinian struggle for liberation and return. Without their sacrifices, we would not have approached a new, powerfully re-positioned Arab world that is morally and physically reinforcing renewed efforts of Palestinian resistance against Zionism’s intolerable imperialist assault on the Arab nation. Our hunger for justice and freedom can only be nourished by exercising our legitimate right to resist.

This offensive is being carried out right now, today, with the complicity of our silence, with the support of our governments and international institutions, and is part and parcel of the global imperialist system that wreaks havoc and destroys other communities throughout the world.

Declare loud and clear, that we will no longer be bullied into non-existence and complicity. Let us not wait for this offensive to escalate and be remembered as another Palestinian massacre, like those we have born witness to since 1948. It is our duty and time to uplift the banner of justice, until return and liberation to all of historic Palestine.

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