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[14 Jan 2014 | Comments Off | ]

The following email was sent to all NDP Members of Parliament on Jan. 14, 2014
NDP Members of Parliament:
Did you mourn the death of the WAR criminal Ariel Sharon? Did you or your parents mourn the death of HITLER? Does Paul Dewar really speak in your names?
Statement by Official Opposition Foreign Affairs Critic Paul Dewar on the death of Ariel Sharon “On behalf of all New Democrats, I want to express my sincere condolences to Ariel Sharon’s family and the people of Israel as they mourn their loss.”
For those of you …

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[14 Jan 2014 | Comments Off | ]
Canada’s Shameful Record on Palestine

Canada’s Record at the UN General Assembly 2013:
17 Votes Against the Palestinian and Arab Peoples, And In Support of Israel Aggression and Apartheid

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[21 Dec 2013 | Comments Off | ]
Mr. Baird: Stop Slandering Richard Falk

Open letter to John Baird, Canadian Foreign Minister

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[8 Dec 2013 | Comments Off | ]
We Remember Nelson Mandela

Canada Palestine Association, Vancouver and the Voice of Palestine, Canada received the news of Nelson Mandela’s passing with great sadness

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[24 Nov 2013 | Comments Off | ]

The following letter was sent to Elizabeth May, Leader of the Green Party of Canada, regarding her position on Israeli “democracy”.

Elizabeth May
Leader of the Green Party of Canada
You were quoted in the “Jewish Tribune” as saying that “Israel plays as the bulwark of democracy in the Middle East.” It seems to me that you “have not thought through the real politic of life in the Middle East” to quote you.
Here are the facts:
Israel has over fifty laws that discriminate against 20% of its Christian and Muslim citizens:
See also the Index …

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[12 Mar 2013 | Comments Off | ]
Day of the Land 1976

Poster for the Demo
Pictures of Demo 1, 2, 3

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[6 Nov 2012 | Comments Off | ]

It doesn’t take divine inspiration to predict two topics that will be discussed in American media until election day. Mike Lupica told it like it is in the June 15 New York Daily News, “More money will be spent” in this election “than on any political campaign in world history.” The New York Times editorially rages against the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision. It details corporate funding of “super PACs.” And virtually every issue of the Wall Street Journal deals with U.S. and Israeli opposition to Iran’s nuclear ambitions.
On …