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[11 Apr 2015]
Conference on Christian Zionism

Seeking the Peace of Jerusalem:
Overcoming Christian Zionism
in the Quest for Justice

April 23rd – 25th
St. Mary’s Kerrisdale Church, Vancouver, B.C.

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[29 Mar 2015]
Vancouver marks Palestinian Land Day 1976-2015‏

Vancouver marks Land Day by leafleting to highlight Air Canada’s role in supporting Israeli war crimes.

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[4 Feb 2015]

Important Update:: Canadian BDS Coalition Declares Partial Victory in #AirCanadaComplicity.

Technology of Israel Aerospace Industries: Tested on Palestinians, Exported to the World
#AirCanadaComplicity launched nationally by the Canadian BDS Coalition.
Read the statement on their website and keep up the pressure on Air Canada until they end their complicity with the Israeli military defense industry!
We ask all supporters of Palestinian rights, both here in Canada and globally, to publicize and implement this call for a boycott of Air Canada until they respect the call of Palestinian civil society. Sign our petition from BDS Vancouver-Coast Salish.
Please join Facebook Group.

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[27 Jan 2015]
Is Anti-Zionism Anti-Semitism?

Saturday, Jan. 31, 2015, 2:30pm
706 Clark Drive, Vancouver
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[10 Jan 2015]
Palestine: “68 years Journey of struggle and resistance for Peace, Justice & Freedom”

Jan. 17th, 2015 at 1:30 pm
City Centre Library, Surrey
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